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Collecting antiques and art can be a truly enjoyable, rewarding activity. From antique furniture and historical artifacts, to original paintings and sculptures, these items all hold a value to the individuals who own them and to the larger society that can see something of their history in the items. Serving Fort Myers, Cape Coral and all of Southwest Florida, we are your #1 Antique Dealer.

We Sell Antiques

Native American Artifacts

Here are a few of the antiques we have available to purchase in our store.

  • American Indian Artifacts
  • Antique Bronze Statue of Girl and boy
Antique Sculptures
  • Lalique Nude Statue
father and son painting
  • Father and Son Painting

Art Appraiser

We are an antique and art appraiser in Fort Myers that aims to state the most accurate values for both the items that we sell and buy. Antiques can often be one-of-a-kind items that are difficult to come across, so making the decision to sell is not always easy.

As an antique and art dealer, we assure you that we have your desires always in mind. We have many years of experience with valuables of all types and will provide you with the most accurate valuation of your art or antique item. Our environment is pressure free, whether you are looking to sell your piece or purchase one of the pieces we have available.

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